Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

This section has been included for those candidates doing the D of E programme or for those just starting bushwalking. 

We specilise in assisting those entering this enjoyable past time,  having years of experience in this field, we are only too happy to give guidance and assistance to those participating. 

We have a comprehensive Guide to Bushwalking especially writen with the D of E in mind, Click on Camping Hints on the top of this site.




There are 3 elements to sleeping

  1. Tent: Must be light and keep out the elements
  2. Mat: Light and insulate you from ground cold
  3. Sleeping bag; Must be walm enough for the conditions

A cold night will be the longest night you will endure


Back Packs


The Ideal back pack for bushwalking is that it must have:

  • A fully adjustable harness,
  • Be big enough to fit everything in
  • Be as light as possible.



It is important to take enough food that will provide enough energy and is light weight for the trip you intend. There is a comprehensive range of food that is easy to prepare available in the shop including a range that is Gluton Free.



It is important to make the job of preparing meals as easy as possible when bushwalking.

A range of equipment that is sugested with weight in mind.

The theme of keep it simple and light as well as does the job has to be considered

Remember you have to carry it.


Foot wear is an essential element of when you are  bushwalking.

There are 2 things with foot wear

  1. Boots
  2. Socks

If you do not look after your feet you can't walk.

End of story

Boots are a major part of the picture when bushwalking as well as having good socks to go with them.


There are a lot of things that you can take when bushwalking but remember that every thing that you take will add to the weight.

There are other things that are essentials.

Have a look at the list prepared in the Guide to Bushwalking