Poles Ropes & Pegs

Poles Ropes & Pegs



All Camping Supplies carries a comprehensive range of poles and ridge poles

We can also arrange for special requirements for camper packs , replacement bows and any other special requirements . 

Unfortunatly poles cannot be sent by Australia post and would be shop pick-up only.

Contact the store to discuss your requirements and pricing. 

We can supply a variety of poles, spreader bars and ridges including poles for

  • Camper vans
  • Camper Trailer bows 
  • Annex Kits
  • Tarp Kits
  • Bonnet Poles 
  • Spreaders
  • Ridges 
  • Support poles 
  • Marquee poles
It is only a matter of asking and we should be able to supply your need. 




All Camping Supplies is proud of the range of pegs that we carry

We indevour to carry the best camping products that we can obtain for our customers

This is why we carry the SUPA PEG range of pegs

Watch the Videos for these pegs

There is no tricks done in these clips

I have actually done what is shown here in front of an audience

Once you have supaPegs you will not use any others

Ridge Poles

All Camping supplies carries a comprehensive range of ridge poles

From our stock we can supply any length of ridge required


Minimun length : 1250mm ( but can supply shorter on request)

Maximum length : We don't know because we have not found one we could not supply.


Just remember maximum length with out support is about 3.5m - 4.0m

We also have support poles available


Please ring the shop during business hours and discuss your requirements and obtain quote

Or send us a E Mail with your requirements

Yes we do tarp kits as well.


All Camping Supplies carry a wide range of fittings and accessories

Replacement parts and items for your special projects 

Some of the items carried