Welcome to our web site and On-line store. We're here to help you with your welding equipment and supply needs.

We only deal with the better quality welding companies that can provide us and you with proper backup and support. That doesn't mean that all our products are more expensive, but it does mean that we can provide you with the quality service that every we work hard to provide.

We try to provide lots of information about the products we sell to help you do your research. If you need more information or have specific questions, please contact us. In many cases we can arrange demonstrations of equipment too.

When you have decided to buy, simply add them to the Shopping Cart and proceed through the payment process. Credit card details are not provided to COMPLETE WELDING HIRE & SALES, this information is provided via the secure external Paypal site. For more information regarding Paypal and its conditions please refer to their site.

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We're always happy to talk about your projects and reqirements, give you tips and try to help out.

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