CTW-6 CrackTest® White Background (Aerosol)

CTW-6 CrackTest® White Background (Aerosol)

Product no.: CTW-6
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New CTW 6 provides a strong white contrast for NDT magnetic particle inspection. Gives an excellent colour contrast to magnetic inks and dry powders. May be used as a contrast for marking out or gauging indications. CTW 6 can be used as a stencil paint. CAN BE REMOVED WITH CTC 1 HIGH PERFORMANCE CLEANER.

After 13 years we are changing away from our CTW 2 to a new and better product. In the world of the chemical industry there are constant attacks on certain products and the Methylene Chloride in CTW 2 is one that will in years to come be under attack. As a result of over two years of testing we have developed the NEW CTW 6 Fast Drying White Background. This product has a superior covering and flatness to the present one and gives more coverage per can because of the lighter solvents. The aroma is different and should be better for the nose. We cannot remove the smell as one must always know when an industrial product is being used. 


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