Lincoln Electric Mobiflex 200-M Fume Extractor & 3m Arm

Lincoln Electric Mobiflex 200-M Fume Extractor & 3m Arm

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We have a number of these units for hire with 3m or 4m fume extraction arms.

The Lincoln Electric Mobiflex 200-M is a portable, low vacuum/high volume disposable filtration system designed for medium duty extraction and filtration of metal arc welding fumes.  The filters have a huge surface area of 50 square metres.

The lightweight and rugged design of the Mobiflex™ 200-M along with the standard front caster and rear wheels allows for easy portability.

It is ideal for facilities that require welding fume extraction in multiple locations, including maintenance departments, general fabrication and job shops, and industrial welding environments.

The Mobiflex™ 200-M can be configured with Lincoln's® LFA 3.1 or LFA 4.1 fume extraction arms or with the 160 mm diameter, 5 m long flexible hose and hood set.

Lincoln Electric's® fume extraction arms are designed to provide operators with optimal motion and reach for their specific welding position(s) and work area. The arm lengths range from 3 metres to 4 metres. For hard to reach areas such as confined spaces, the flexible hose set can be easily carried to locations where an extraction arm is not feasible.

The Mobiflex™ 200-M has an on-board internal extraction fan and is designed specifically for weld applications. It extracts weld fume through the arm, into the internal spark arrestor and finally through the unique LongLife® filter cartridge capturing the welding fume particulate. The particulate is collected on the inside of the cartridge, minimising exposure to particulate during filter maintenance and disposal. The Mobiflex™ 200-M system is recommended for consumable use of approximately 680 kg of MIG wire or 500 kg of stick and flux-cored wire before replacing.

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