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NEW - Integrated Tachometer Comes Standard

The wire drive is fitted with an integrated tachometer for greater control of wire speed – boosting accuracy and consistency. The result is improved weld quality.

NEW - Digital Meters Track Arc Hours

Now you can monitor how many minutes/hours/days the feeder has been operating for, making it easy to check the amount of “arc on” time required for a particular job. Simply compare the pre and post shift readouts to determine arc hours.

NEW - Wire Delivery System

Shapes wire over a larger radius and applies just the right amount of force to ensure consistent feeding.

NEW - SunVision™ Technology

Digital meters with SunVision™ technology can display Voltage and wire speed, and also Amperage if desired. Meters can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight.

NEW - Scaled Wire Pressure Knob

  • Provides easy adjustment and consistent pressure on the drive rolls and wire.
  • The wire drive and motor assembly is specifically designed for mobile welding applications to provide smooth and consistent wire delivery.

Ultra-Low Drag Inlet Guide Pins

  • Makes loading the wire easy and does not deform the wire on the way into the drive rolls. Simply thread the wire through the pins and into drive rolls.
  • There are two ways to advance the wire through the drive roll and into the gun.
  • Either open the pressure arm and thread the wire into the grooves in the drive roll and on into the gun inlet or place the wire between the pins and use the jog/purge switch to advance the wire through the drive roll.

Excellent Starts

Superior arc performance for all types and sizes of wires, whether using CV or CC power supply.

Higher Duty Cycle

Longer welding periods suitable for higher Amperage applications due to the heavy duty contactor rated at 425 Amps at 60%.

Superior Low End Performance

Excellent arc performance and welding characteristics when welding at lower currents, either with small wire sizes or out of position applications.

Quick Set-Up and Review

Operator friendly adjustments including easy to read digital Amp & Volt meters.

Operator Convenience

Packed with features at your fingertips - including emergency isolation on/off switch, trigger hold, gas purge and wire inch.

Quick Change Rollers

No tools required due to Miller’s patented quick lock hub system providing the operator quick and easy drive roller change when switching between wire sizes.

Built to last in Harsh Environments

The plastic case design, potted PC board and double-filtered gas value ensure Suitcase withstands the harshest industrial environments.

3 Year Warranty

For details, refer to the Miller warranty statement.


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